The Doris Leslie Blau Collection.  Contemporary carpets for the 21st century.
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The Legendary Doris Leslie Blau
The name Doris Leslie Blau is synonymous with the finest antique carpets in the world. The gallery, and the woman who has run it for nearly 30 years have become legends in the world of design and architecture. According to the world's preeminent decorative arts specialists, Blau's collections of antique Oriental and European rugs represent the most beautiful and historically significant pieces in private hands. Indeed museums, royal collectors and art institutions are among Blau's regular clients.

Contemporary Carpets for the 21st Century
But most important to Blau and her gallery are the top architects, interior designers and decorators who consider the Blau gallery the first and only stop on their buying expeditions for important rugs. It was these designers who were often in search of contemporary rug designs that would better suit their modernist design projects but would still feature the quality and rarity of a Doris Leslie Blau carpet.

In September 2001, Blau introduced her first collection of contemporary handmade architecturally inspired rugs. The collection is showcased in a new, cutting-edge gallery space in New York's Fuller Building, on 57th Street and Madison Avenue, around the corner from Blau's antique carpet showroom.

The Doris Leslie Blau Designer's Collection
Knowing that the perfect object to fulfill design potential can be a difficult frustrating quest, and that the inspiration "to create" is a driving force of both interior design and architecture, has motivated the collaboration culminating in "The Designer's Collection".

Thirty-one designers and architects have participated in The Designer's Collection Project. The results are an eclectic mix of designs that showcase the imagination, innovation, and creativity of these talented contributors. Weaving techniques ranging from hand-knotted, flat-woven Aubusson, needlework and hand tufted have been employed to best suit each individual design.

The finest wool, silk and wool-and-silk blends have been chosen for quality, texture, beauty and appropriateness to these handmade rugs.

The overall impact of Doris Leslie Blau's "The Designer's Collection" is one of individuality based on the personal style, substance and sophistication of each participant. It is with deep gratitude that we thank each and everyone for their effort. We could never have achieved it without you

The Contemporary Classics Collection
For the Contemporary Classics Collection, Blau looked to vintage textiles and works of art as well as her own extensive collection of antique carpets with their wonderful colors and timeless designs for inspiration. From freeform pastel squares and subtle lace-like designs to boldly patterned graphics and abstract quilt-like patterns, the collection brings a sophisticated sense of color and an eclectic, creative eye to modern rug design. Each of the copyrighted designs is exclusive to the collection and all the carpets, hand woven with the finest quality wool and craftsmanship, are subtly marked with the DLB brand.

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